Laurelyn “Timi” Brown

Laurelyn is better known as Timi and has been volunteering at AHEAD With Horses for a few years now. She initially found them, when trying to see what all the noise was coming from down the street one day. It was AHEAD With Horses Annual Fun Day event, where children perform their vaulting positions for their friends and family. After watching for a bit, and seeing they had a volunteer orientation EVERY Saturday, she came back the following Saturday and has been with us ever since. She took up the mantle of Board Vice President in 2020.

Timi works in the technology department at Bank Of America. Timi is passionate about volunteering, community support, and is a disability advocate at Bank of America. She volunteers with the Bank of America Corporation Community Volunteers (BACCV) as an event manager for the greater Los Angeles market. This allows her to connect bank associates with volunteer events in their home or work areas. In 2019 she was flown to the bank headquarters in NC and presented with the ‘2019 Global Diversity and Inclusion Award’, for her work in volunteering and support of disabled kids. She has also received both silver and gold presidential volunteer awards for the amount of hours she volunteers each year.

Timi has lived in California her entire life is very happily married for over 35 years, has 2 girls and a granddaughter.