Onyx & Obsidian



 Obsidian is our barn cat. He was born in May of 2016 and arrived at AWH in June of 2017. Obsidian arrived with his brother Onyx, but unfortunately, Onyx didn’t like staying in one place for long and has been missing since the end of August 2017. They are both all black and are brothers. Onyx was the slightly smaller, but was the more outgoing and adventurous cat. He also has a few white hairs on his chest. We have seen sightings of him since he left, but he has not returned full time. Obsidian, or Sid for short, is the slightly taller and skinnier brother that is also very friendly but a little more cautious of new people. They both are very talkative and love to be pet. Obsidian is likely to try and hop in your lap, or possibly even climb up on your shoulder. His job is to greet our volunteers and families and scare the mice away from our feed and tack room.