AHEAD With Horses can accept donations of any type. Below are several options. We appreciate any type of support we can get! All donations are tax deductable (Tax ID# 95-3165603).

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AHEAD With Horses
10157 Johanna Ave
Shadow Hills, CA 91040




You can make a donation in honor of someone special; whether it be a gift in their honor or in memory of someone who has passed away.


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AmazonSmile Wish List


Possible Large Projects

If you are a Boy Scout or Girl Scout looking to complete an Eagle Scout Project or a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award, these are great options! They are also great ideas for church groups, school clubs, or other groups who are looking to help out in a meaningful way.

  • Landscaping at new property (will have multiple areas including by parking lot, around the arena, near the office, possibly near horse stalls)

  • Create Sensory Garden at the new location (have some items from the current one)

  • Raised garden / sensory space

  • New Golf Cart or utility cart

  • New storage shed

  • New fence around property, or fixing current fence, plus need 2 new gates for driveways

  • Mural for back and/or side of the tack room or for back of storage unit; possibly one being a “Memorial Wall”

  • Sand and re-seal benches (yearly, normally done with Big Sunday)

  • Help install pipes for faucets around the property.

  • Put in a sprinkler system and possibly drip system for the plants and for fire safety at end of property

  • Help stabilize hill and the path up it at new property

  • Solar panels for electricity in the office

  • Lights for arena (must be solar powered)

  • New shade awnings for Fun Day (pop up tents at least 8’ x 8’ or larger)

  • Acquire and plant new trees on the property (prefer pepper tree, sycamore and other native, drought resistant ones that are hard to kill)

  • Make cement platform under bathrooms so level and easier access for wheelchairs

  • Create new Game Booths for Fun Day; i.e. Disc drop game or spin the wheel game

  • Create better storage for all of our rakes, shovels and other tools (and possibly purchase new ones)

  • Make or buy shelves for office space to store memorabilia and display things

  • Make new sandwich Board signs pointing to our location for Fun Day and other big events

  • Buy or build large signs to mark “enter” and “exit” at new property, also need a new large sign with our name

  • Psyllium for horses

  • Fly sticks and fly spray.

  • Make photo Op Props (mural boards that have cut outs to put your head in, maybe a cowboy or cowgirl or sheriff or horse or cat or jack-o-lantern for Fun Day or Halloween, etc.)

  • Basketball hoop to go at the edge of the lesson arena with long net to collect balls

  • Make or buy Emergency IDs for horses

  • Help move railroad ties to create boundary of parking lot

  • Make new Boards to go on Pipe Corral stalls that will have horses name and any notes needed and can hold a halter and fly mask.

  • Purchase new folding tables for Fun Day and other fundraising events

  • Purchase new benches to go along side of the arena

  • Make direction poles to place on new property (saying which way to the office, stalls, bathroom, etc.)

  • Help pack and move everything from old facility to new facility

  • Know someone who welds and can help us dismantle and put back together our cross ties and our large shade awning

  • Make a bulletin board

  • Know of anyone that can move a 20 foot or 40 foot storage container

  • Need to purchase a tractor or bobcat

  • Need to purchase additional pipe corral panels, panels with gates and roofs to create new stalls at the new property

  • Electrician to help us put electricity in the office

  • Helmet rack/storage (should be waterproof)

  • Create mounting ramp at new property

  • Create a space for our practice barrel

  • Open to additional ideas and projects


AWH’s Wish List (anything helps!)

Continuous Needed Items

Needed Items

  • Carrots, Apples and other horse treats

  • Water bottles (for people to drink)

  • Paper towels

  • Lead Ropes

  • Salt Bricks

  • Fly spray

  • large orange fly trap sticks

  • Psyllium Fiber Supplement for horses

  • Dewormer for horses

  • Jolly Balls (Horse toy found at tack stores)

  • Plants (including: flowers, ground cover, succulents, natural California plants, grass seed, etc)

  • Laminator Sheets

  • Windex

  • Tree trimming and landscaping

  • Volunteers to help in the office with labels, filing, mailings, find and write grants, etc.

  • rakes and shovels

  • Grant possibilities

  • Clorox wipes

  • Garden Shears/Clippers (large to prune trees and bushes)

  • New Bridles (pony to large horse size)

  • New Storage shed (heavy duty plastic preferred)

  • Paint and supplies to create murals on property

  • New Fence for the perimeter

  • New 6 or 8 foot sturdy folding tables

  • New pop-up shade awnings; preferably 10′ x 10′ or larger

  • Basketball hoop

  • Generator

  • Power washer (rental is good too)

  • Someone to remove a large tree stump at entrance to property

  • Game Booths (i.e.  photo ops or games)

  • Sandwich Boards

  • Make wooden ramp near office

  • Put electricity in the barn

  • Solar powered lights for inside the barn

  • Emergency contact IDs for horses

  • Solar panels

  • Helmet rack / container to store them


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