AHEAD With Horses can accept donations of any type. Below are several options. We appreciate any type of support we can get! All donations are tax deductable (Tax ID# 95-3165603).


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AHEAD With Horses
10157 Johanna Ave
Shadow Hills, CA 91040



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AmazonSmile Wish List


AWH’s Wish List (anything helps!)

Continuous Needed Items

Needed Items

  • Carrots, Apples and other horse treats

  • Water bottles (for people to drink)

  • Paper towels

  • Lead Ropes

  • Salt Bricks

  • Fly spray

  • large orange fly trap sticks

  • Psyllium Fiber Supplement for horses

  • Dewormer for horses

  • Jolly Balls (Horse toy found at tack stores)

  • Plants (including: flowers, ground cover, succulents, natural California plants, grass seed, etc)

  • Laminator Sheets

  • Windex

  • Tree trimming and landscaping

  • Volunteers to help in the office with labels, filing, mailings, find and write grants, etc.

  • rakes and shovels

  • Grant possibilities

  • Clorox wipes

  • Garden Shears/Clippers (large to prune trees and bushes)

  • New Bridles (pony to large horse size)

  • New Storage shed (heavy duty plastic preferred)

  • Paint and supplies to create murals on property

  • New Fence for the perimeter

  • New 6 or 8 foot sturdy folding tables

  • New pop-up shade awnings; preferably 10′ x 10′ or larger

  • Basketball hoop

  • Generator

  • Power washer (rental is good too)

  • Someone to remove a large tree stump at entrance to property

  • Game Booths (i.e.  photo ops or games)

  • Sandwich Boards

  • Make wooden ramp near office

  • Put electricity in the barn

  • Solar powered lights for inside the barn

  • Emergency contact IDs for horses

  • Solar panels

  • Helmet rack / container to store them




Download Sponsor Flyer in PDF format: Click Here


Tack Room (every Saturday between 2-3pm)

Drop off and donate gently used equestrian items or to pick up items for a reasonable donation. All tax deductible!

AHEAD With Horses, 10157 Johanna Ave, Shadow Hills, CA 91040. CLICK FOR MAP