Alexandra Lind

Alex heard about AHEAD With Horses through her then new friend, Joyce who was President of AWH at the time. She looked deeper into the organization and was very impressed with the love and commitment from all who were part of AWH. Right away Alex started by volunteering at the annual Fun Day event. She was so touched by the glow on the children’s faces as they showed off their skills on the horses that she deepened her commitment and decided to join the Board of Directors.

This brought Alex right back to her teen years, she volunteered for the H.E.L.P Group in Valley Glen. At that time they had a program on the campus with horses helping the autistic children with different therapy approaches. She would lead the children during riding sessions and worked closely with them to feel more and more safe with the horses. These beautiful gentle giants had Alex’s heart as she witnessed the growth and happiness of the children and feels the same about AWH.

Alex looks forward to witnessing the continued growth of the AWH program and all of the possibilities for the children we are helping. Everyday is full of new beginnings!