Rev. Arlo Tysinger

In 2015, Pastor Arlo began serving at Shadow Hills Presbyterian Church. She has always had a heart for Churches partnering with non-profits, and after discovering that AHEAD With Horses was right across the street from her Church she couldn’t have been more excited! She started wandering across the street to get to know her neighbors better and soon fell in love with the work that AHEAD With Horses was doing!

Pastor Arlo loves working with AWH and serving on the board! She has been so transformed and touched by the people at AHEAD with Horses, that she did a sermon series on making Shadow Hills Presbyterian Church more inclusive to those with Special Needs. And now as a result, the Church has portable wheelchair ramps, different accessibility resources available for each service, and Church members that welcome a variety of ways of worshiping with those who are verbal, non-verbal, and who might engage differently during worship. She believes everyone is a beloved child of God and everyone has gifts to serve the Church, including in leadership and on staff.  Rev. Arlo and the church are so thankful for all that AHEAD with Horses has taught them and how they can continue to be of service to their neighbors. When not working with AWH, at the Church or with Tierra del Sol, Pastor Arlo can be found spending time with her wonderful husband, children and dogs.