Tazz is a 14.3 hand, approximately 28 years old, appaloosa P.O.A. He is brown and white spotted all over with bigger spots on his bottom. Tazz came to us in 2009 from a loving family that still comes and volunteers with our program on occasion. Tazz used to be known as our “one-eyed pony”. He became blind in one eye when he was a little over 5 years old, but that never stopped him from doing things, even being a jumper! Tazz gets a very furry winter coat and when he sheds in the spring it looks like it has been snowing. We heard that he originally came from Canada, where it is quite cold. In the Fall of 2017, Tazz became blind in his “good eye” so now he is completely blind and retired. If you go to say hi to Tazz, make sure to talk with him a lot so he knows where you are.


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