Nancy Kenyon, Psy.D

Board Vice President

Nancy Kenyon, Psy.D is a trained mental health professional with 15 years in private practice, a lifelong equestrian, and mother. She has worked in an intensive, adolescent out-patient treatment center, Insight in Los Angeles, has run multi-family groups, and worked with Jewish Family Services as a school therapist in elementary and middle schools in Santa Monica. Nancy is also trained in hypnotherapy and works with anxiety and trauma. 

Nancy lives near Sullivan Canyon where AHEAD With Horses has their mobile program. Since Nancy rides there herself she discovered the program and started volunteering at the Sullivan Canyon site in 2019. Volunteering with AHEAD With Horses inspired Nancy to get her EAGALA Certification in 2020 and in May 2022 will complete her IRD (Instructors for Riders with Disabilities) Certification. Nancy has enjoyed working with Michelle and is excited to become a full instructor with AHEAD With Horses.

After volunteering for three years, Nancy decided to take the next step and joined the Board of Directors in February 2022. She is grateful to be a part of the AHEAD With Horses family and we are glad to have her extensive professional experience to contribute to the program.