Stephanie Sheinberg

Board Member

Joining the Board in September 2023, Stephanie’s journey with AHEAD With Horses began in October 2022 when she joined as a volunteer at the Sullivan Canyon location. From the very start, she has shown unwavering dedication to learning how to effectively engage with the students. One of her aspirations is to complete her Instructor for Riders with Disabilities (IRD) certification within the coming year.

Beyond her role at AWH, Stephanie is an acupuncturist based in Santa Monica. As a practitioner, she has wholeheartedly committed to aiding those in need of healing. Additionally, as a lifelong equestrian, she spends a significant portion of her free time at the barn, where she enjoys riding and caring for horses.

AWH has provided Stephanie with a unique opportunity to blend her passion for horses with her unwavering desire to help children and adolescents reach new heights in their lives. She is thrilled to be an integral part of the AWH organization and remains determined in her commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of the students.