Horses Need to See the Dentist too

There are many things that go into making sure a horse is happy and healthy. One of them is making sure they get regular dentistry. This keeps their mouths happy, which keeps the whole horse happy. Just imagine how you would react if you had a tooth ache? You wouldn’t want to work either. Horses teeth continue to grow as they age and can form sharp points. These have to be sanded down so that they don’t cut the inside of their mouth.

Today we had our vet come out and work on each and every one of our horses for a regular dentistry check up. (This has to be done every couple years.) As you can imagine, paying for 8 horses to have their teeth done can be rather expensive. We would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to David Greenbaum with the Community Foundation of the Verdugos and Henry Lichstein for their very generous donations so that we could have this done. We would also like to thank our vet, Dr. Perdue for all of his hard work and for trying to save us as much money as possible.

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