Donor Spotlight: Joyce

Joyce Davison

Donor and Volunteer Board Member

How long have you been an AWH supporter?

Since at least 1985

How did you first hear about AWH?

Through a TV show titled Real People. They told happenings in and around the Los Angeles area. I went to AHEAD With Horses to find out how they help disabled and special needs children by using horses and was amazed at what I saw and have witnessed in the following 38 years.

What makes you feel good about supporting AHW?

Knowing that whatever I do or give is helping the children who are learning how to use their bodies and minds to better themselves. These are the lucky ones. Many years ago, the disabled and special needs children were taken away from their parents who were told they would never be able to do anything. Now, thank God, that doesn’t happen anymore, and we see miracles happen every day watching the children we work with learn how to use their arms, hands, legs, bodies, and minds to develop into the wonderful persons they are.

3 Words to Describe AWH

Miracles, beautiful, rewarding.

I believe in the development of the children I have seen over the years. I will continue to support this program for as long as possible. I hope everyone who reads this will support it so AHEAD With Horses can continue to help the children. They are the future of our world.

I have been on the Board of Directors for 20 of the last years, serving as President for many of those years. I have seen many children make improvements in their abilities to walk, talk, move, learn and have fun while they are doing this therapy. I am so happy for all of them. AHEAD With Horses is often where other horse therapy programs send children to because they cannot help them–we can!!

Joyce Davison

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