Possible Large Projects for Groups and Scouts to Complete

With our new property and us working to make it a great facility for all, we have lots of projects for anyone who is interested in helping us out.

Some projects are really large and some are on the small side. They are perfect for Boy Scouts looking to do an Eagle Project or Girl Scouts looking to do a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

Or if you have a church group, school community service club or group or anyone else who just wants to help us make our “Forever Home” something we will all be proud of, please contact us about what project you are interested in.

Please feel to SHARE this information with anyone who might be interested. Thank you!!!!

Possible Large Projects

  • Landscaping at new property (will have multiple areas including by parking lot, around the arena, near the office, possibly near horse stalls)
  • Create Sensory Garden at the new location (have some items from the current one)
  • Raised garden / sensory space
  • New storage shed
  • New fence around property, or fixing current fence, plus need 2 new gates for driveways
  • Mural for back and/or side of the tack room or for back of storage unit; possibly one being a “Memorial Wall”
  • Sand and re-seal benches (yearly, normally done with Big Sunday)
  • Help install pipes for faucets around the property.
  • Put in a sprinkler system and possibly drip system for the plants and for fire safety at end of property
  • Help stabilize hill and the path up it at new property
  • Solar panels for electricity in the office
  • Lights for arena (must be solar powered)
  • New shade awnings for Fun Day (pop up tents at least 8’ x 8’ or larger)
  • Acquire and plant new trees on the property (prefer pepper tree, sycamore and other native, drought resistant ones that are hard to kill)
  • Make cement platform under bathrooms so level and easier access for wheelchairs
  • Create new Game Booths for Fun Day; i.e. Disc drop game or spin the wheel game
  • Create better storage for all of our rakes, shovels and other tools (and possibly purchase new ones)
  • Make or buy shelves for office space to store memorabilia and display things
  • Make new sandwich Board signs pointing to our location for Fun Day and other big events
  • Buy or build large signs to mark “enter” and “exit” at new property, also need a new large sign with our name
  • Psyllium for horses
  • Fly sticks and fly spray.
  • Make photo Op Props (mural boards that have cut outs to put your head in, maybe a cowboy or cowgirl or sheriff or horse or cat or jack-o-lantern for Fun Day or Halloween, etc.)
  • Basketball hoop to go at the edge of the lesson arena with long net to collect balls
  • Make or buy Emergency IDs for horses
  • Help move railroad ties to create boundary of parking lot
  • Make new Boards to go on Pipe Corral stalls that will have horses name and any notes needed and can hold a halter and fly mask.
  • Purchase new folding tables for Fun Day and other fundraising events
  • Purchase new benches to go along side of the arena
  • Make direction poles to place on new property (saying which way to the office, stalls, bathroom, etc.)
  • Help pack and move everything from old facility to new facility
  • Know someone who welds and can help us dismantle and put back together our cross ties and our large shade awning
  • Make a bulletin board
  • Know of anyone that can move a 20 foot or 40 foot storage container
  • Need to purchase a tractor or bobcat
  • Need to purchase additional pipe corral panels, panels with gates and roofs to create new stalls at the new property
  • Electrician to help us put electricity in the office
  • Helmet rack/storage (should be waterproof)
  • Create mounting ramp at new property
  • Create a space for our practice barrel
  • Open to additional ideas and projects

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