Volunteer Spotlight: Ava

Ava Salinas Golder

Position: Volunteer

How long have you been volunteering at AWH?

Since October 2023

What is your favorite part about working with AHEAD With Horses?

I have many favorite parts of working with Ahead With Horses. I really enjoy every moment when I’m spotting for the children and I can see their happiness when they’re on a horse, even if they don’t say something you can tell how much they love doing this. I also love talking to the children and helping them play games on the horses and gain confidence as they go. I also feel lucky I can help so all people can have full lives no matter what.

Who is Your Favorite Horse?

I love all the horses, but Maverick is my favorite.

3 Words to Describe AWH

Inclusive, Caring, Supportive

I would like to say thank you for letting me volunteer and be part of something so meaningful.

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