AWH Forever Home Campaign

AHEAD With Horses is working on raising money for our Forever Home Campaign.

2018 is a BIG Year for AHEAD With Horses! It is our 50th Anniversary! It is also the year where we will finally be moving into a property that we will own all by ourselves! (No more renting and worrying about if the lease will be ended or the price of rent will randomly go up.)

Moving into our own place means that we will be able to have the home we always dreamed about. We can put things where we want and make them special just for us. It means there will always be a home for our horses and for our kids. They will have a “Forever Home” where they can always come and feel safe and secure and experience joy.

If you would like to make a donation you can click on the following link:

Forever Home Campaign


If you cannot click on the link above, you can copy and paste:

You can also make a donation for the campaign on Facebook at our page or mail a check to:

AHEAD With Horses

10157 Johanna Ave

Shadow Hills, CA 91040

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