SOS: Support Our Stable in Unstable Times

We know that the whole world is having to deal with these difficult and unstable times right now, brought on by COVID-19. AHEAD With Horses is one of those that is in NEED of YOUR HELP!

AHEAD With Horses needs our therapy horses to be in good shape when things go back to normal so that the children can start back up with their regular routines and getting all of the benefits from our therapeutic vaulting program.

During these hard times we will need all the help we can get!! Our horses still need to eat and be taken care of. Please consider making a donation of any amount or sponsoring a horse to help with their upkeep, or if money is tight, please contemplate hosting your own Facebook fundraiser or a GoFundMe for AHEAD With Horses.

We at AWH hope you all remain safe and healthy and we hope to see you at the barn soon!

You can make a donation here:

Video on why you should donate:

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