Virtual Fun Day Demonstration- May 16, 2020 at Noon

We had scheduled our 39th Annual Children’s Demonstration and Fun Day for May 16, 2020. Unfortunately, our event has been postponed due to COVID-19. Since we cannot have the event in person, we decided to still hold a Virtual Demonstration by the children.

On May 16th at noon, we will be hosting our first ever Virtual Fun Day Demonstration on Facebook. We will have some live videos and share individual posts for each child that include pictures of our students and what they can do while on a horse. We will also be accepting donations to keep the program running.

If you are a parent of a child in the program: We ask that you email your favorite picture(s) of your child on the horse and any information you are comfortable with us sharing online. (This could be name, diagnosis, what their favorite horse is, what their favorite part about AWH is, how the program has improved their life, etc.) If you do not have any pictures, let us know and we can use ones that we have taken over the past years (if available).

Thank you!

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