Student Spotlight: Henry

Henry Kung

Diagnosis: ASD

Years at AWH

Henry started lessons in September 2021

Favorite Horse

Minty & Ivy
(Sullivan Canyon location)

3 Words to Describe AWH

Gentle, Community, Synergy

Benefits of AWH

Henry has made leaps and bounds since we started. He started sleeping better, better self regulation and sensory integration and improved hip and motor range.

Henry loves you guys!

We love the staff here at AWH – You can get a sense that they genuinely care for our kiddos and it’s so fun to watch them working together as a team! The horses are very gentle and well cared for as well. We love how it feels like a community and how everyone works together as a team. I wish there were more organizations like this! Thank you AWH!

~ Lulu Cheong (Henry’s Mom)

One thought on “Student Spotlight: Henry

  1. Frances Watts

    So glad AWH and Minty are helping Henry. It’s a pleasure to work with all of you.
    Happy, Minty’s mom

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