Volunteer Spotlight – Lisa

Lisa Baragosh

Position: Volunteer

Years at AWH

May 2023 marks 6 years that Lisa has been volunteering at AWH

Favorite Horse

“I love all of the wonderful horses we work with, but Minty will always hold a special place in my heart.”

3 Words to Describe AWH

Nurturing, beneficial and FUN!

Favorite Part of Working at AWH

“There are so many wonderful parts of being involved with Ahead With Horses. I enjoy connecting with our students, and sharing in their joy, excitement and personal improvements each lesson. I also cherish the special bond shared with Michelle and the other instructors & volunteers, or the “Sullivan Canyon dream team” as I like to call us!”

AHEAD With Horses is absolutely phenomenal. I always go out of my way to spread the word to as many people as possible about the incredible individuals & horses that make up this life changing organization. I hope you will too as awareness and support will only help us thrive. Go AHEAD With Horses!!

~ Lisa
Lisa leading at the 2022 Ride-A-Thon

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