Seeking Large Horse

Horses are a key component of our program as they are the tool that allows us to provide our developmental therapeutic vaulting program to disabled children. We are currently looking for a larger horse (draft, draft cross, warmblood, etc.) that can carry our larger students and potentially 2 riders (the instructor with some of our students who are unable to sit independently)

We are looking for horses with the following attributes:

·         Strong, sturdy back that would be capable of carrying a full-grown adult

·         Calm, low tendency to spook

·         Good ground manners

·         Sound at the walk

·         Able to trailer

·         No major health issues

·         Prefer between the ages of 10-20

·         Willing to have a 45-day trial period (to make sure they are well suited for this type of work)

Since we are a non-profit, we are looking for someone who would be willing to donate their horse. The owner would get a donation letter that would allow them to use the amount the horse is worth as a tax deduction. While we know that a fantastic horse can cost a fortune, we are unable to purchase what we need for what they are truly worth. To our program, a Therapy Horse is invaluable.

In exchange for the horse, we will give the owner the peace of mind that their horse will be well taken care of and loved, and their work will be changing lives. Many of our horses have had to retire from the strenuous work that they used to do. Our horses are always hand-led during lessons and do not go faster than a walk. It is a wonderful place to retire a calm and friendly older horse.

If you, or someone you know, think you might have a horse that fits all our criteria, please call the office at (818) 767 – 6373 or email us at

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