Help AWH get 2 new Clydesdales

We are currently looking at the possibility of taking 2 new Clydesdales. We have met them in person and they have wonderful personalities that would work great in our program with the special kids we serve. The 2 horses are around 10 years old, which means if we take them, we could have them working in the program for perhaps a decade or more.

To make sure we are making a good investment, we want to make sure they are healthy and strong before we take them. It cost $300 per horse for a vet to do a pre-purchase exam to make sure that they are completely healthy. (We are hoping to have them donated, but the cost to care for them is still an investment.)

If you would like to donate to the Clydesdale fund, you can write a check to: AHEAD With Horses or you can donate at the following page:

Support AWH and our Potential Clydesdales

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