AWH had to Evacuate due to the Fires, but we are Back Home now!

The Creek Fire came close to our property, especially with all of the winds that were blowing on Tuesday (12/5/17). We ended up evacuating all of the horses to Rose Bowl Riders and Tom Sawyer Camp in Pasadena. All of the horses had a couple night sleepover while our facility was under the mandatory evacuation area.

Today, Friday 12/8/17 we were able to bring all of the horses back home, to a home that was not affected by the fires. (Just a few things damaged from the wind.)

We do plan to have lessons as usual tomorrow, Saturday 12/9. If you have a student, and do not wish to bring them out because of the air quality, please just let us know. We do understand that it can be hard on some of the kids. If you were thinking about volunteering, we would love to have the help! We have some cleaning up to do from all of the wind.

Thank you to everyone who helped out during this difficult time! Especially Rose Bowl Riders and Tom Sawyer Camp who were amazing hosts to our horses during the evacuation!

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