Timi’s Tea

This new invitation-only event is to show appreciation and honor our large donors, GEM donors, and select volunteers. Timi Brown was a long-time supporter and Board Member of AHEAD With Horses who passed away in December 2021; this event is named in her honor as she was the one who originally envisioned such an event.

As we plan to make this an annual event we hope to inspire more of you to become GEM (Give Every Month) donors, or to start logging those volunteer hours. This year we invited all those who donated 40 hours or more to AHEAD With Horses during the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2022. And of course we appreciate our Major Donors as well – those who gave large lump sums, or cumulatively gave a large amount last Fiscal Year. Our program relies on all of these committed supporters in order to be successful.

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