One of our Cats is Missing

We got 2 black cats in June that have become a part of our family and are loved by all of the kids and volunteers here at AHEAD With Horses. They are indoor and outdoor cats that had not yet ventured far from our office. Only very recently have they been going to the edges of our property.

One of the 2 cats (who are brothers) has not been seen since Saturday night 8/19/17 (we believe). It was the more adventurous of the 2. We are not sure if he went off exploring and just hasn’t made it back yet, or if something bad has happened to him, or if someone took him. He is extremely friendly and will hop in anyone’s lap and loves to be petted. We are located across the street from the Shadow Hills Presbyterian Church on Johanna Ave., just off of Sunland. His brother has been looking for him and all of the staff at our facility are worried. His name is Onyx and he is all black with yellow eyes. He has a few white hairs on his chest, under his chin. He likes to stick his tongue out and pant like a dog after running around.

If anyone has seen him, (alive or dead) please call our office at (818) 767 – 6373 and let us know.  Thank you.


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